Tips to Help Seniors Avoid Pet Scams

Home Care in Pasadena CAPet scams are becoming more common, and seniors can end up losing a lot of money as well as having their hearts broken by a pet scam. If your senior parent has decided they want to get a furry friend they may go on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or other websites to find that friend.

But not everyone advertising a pet for adoption or for sale is legitimate. Seniors could get their heart set on a particular animal that doesn’t actually exist. Scammers are sophisticated. They may send photos or even videos of cute puppies and kittens and ask for a deposit to hold that animal even though the animal isn’t really up for adoption.

Having home care can help seniors avoid getting scammed. A home care provider can help seniors avoid getting scammed by helping seniors look for red flags. And a home care provider can help seniors use these tips to avoid pet scams:

Do Research

If your senior parent has their heart set on a particular breed of dog or cat they should do some research and know what those types of animals usually cost. If someone online is selling a purebred puppy or kitten for much less or much more than the breed usually goes for it’s probably a scam.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and local ads on apps like Nextdoor aren’t regulated so it’s very easy for scammers to post ads on those platforms. A better way to look for a pet is to go through a reputable rescue, the ASPCA, the local humane society, or an app like Petfinder. Many pet stores hold adoption fairs on weekends where your senior parent can go meet a variety of pets and adopt one on the spot.

Verify Breeder or Seller Credentials

If your senior parent is set on buying a particular breed of puppy or cat they should check the breeder’s references and credentials. Legitimate breeders should be able to provide certifications, references, and a documented history of their pets. You should be able to visit the premises too. If the breeder doesn’t allow site visits that is a big red flag.

Meet and Greet

Your senior parent should be allowed to meet the pet before agreeing to the sale or adoption. Most rescues or humane societies insist on a trial adoption period to make sure that the pet and your senior parent are a good match. If the seller wants to just take the money and go that’s not a good sign.

Be Careful With Payment

If the seller asks for payment to be sent through a wire transfer or through some untraceable payment method that is another red flag. When adopting a pet or paying money for a pet your senior parent should use a credit card that has full buyer protection so that if the transaction is a scam they can get their money refunded. Never pay cash or send a large amount of money through a wire service for a pet.

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