Around-the-Clock Care Allows Seniors Live At Home

24-Hour Home Care in Burbank CAYour senior parent doesn’t have to give up their independence just because they are having a hard time with things like housework or shopping. Even if your senior parent needs 24-hour home care they can continue living in the home they live.

24-hour home care for seniors is available for seniors who need some help at all hours of the day and night. Even if your senior parent doesn’t need a lot of help, but would feel better if someone was there with them 24-home care is a good option.

For many seniors keeping their independence and getting to live in a place they love that is comfortable and familiar are very important. 24-hour home care makes it possible for seniors to keep their independence without sacrificing their safety. Some of the ways that 24-hour home care helps seniors remain independent are:

Health Monitoring

Caregivers can monitor your senior parent’s vital signs, make sure they are using any needed medical equipment, and watch for any changes in health conditions. If your senior parent falls or needs some kind of medical assistance, a caregiver will be there to call for emergency medical help and call you no matter what time of the day it is.

Fall Prevention

Around-the-clock supervision helps prevent falls and injuries by assisting with mobility and ensuring a safe environment. Often when seniors fall at home they fall at night or early in the morning when they are getting up to use the bathroom or trying to get up and go downstairs.

Having a care provider in the home around the clock means that someone will always be there to help your mom or dad when they need it.

Medication Management

Seniors often mix up the medications they need to take at night or forget to take them. When your senior parent has a caregiver in the home around the clock that care provider can remind your mom or dad when it’s time to take their medications so they don’t miss doses.

Chronic Condition Management

Continuous and consistent around-the-clock care helps seniors who have ongoing illnesses manage chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. Being able to manage their conditions at home allows your mom or dad the comfort of being in the home they love.

Feeding Assistance

If your senior parent has trouble gripping utensils or feeding themselves a care provider being in the home with them all the time will ensure that they don’t go hungry. There will also be a caregiver there around the clock to make your senior parent meals and snacks whenever they are hungry.

Social Interaction

Your mom or dad will never be lonely if there is always a care provider with them. For seniors living alone, loneliness is a big problem, so 24-hour home care provides an extra benefit by keeping your mom or dad from being lonely.


Caregivers can handle light housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and organizing, ensuring a clean and clutter-free environment. If your mom or dad needs clean sheets in the middle of the night someone will be there to make sure they are comfortable. Or if they need clean PJs or warmer blankets, someone will be in the home to get them whatever they need to be cozy, safe, and comfortable.

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