Four Benefits from Swimming

Companion Care at Home Culver City CA

If your loved one complains to her companion care at home provider about being stiff every morning, she might want to take up swimming.

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In-Home Care – Symptoms Of Heat Stroke Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

In-Home Care

Summers are getting hotter, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. According to scientists, summers are becoming an average of two degrees warmer every year. That might not sound like much. However, just two degrees can have a big impact on how hot it feels. Heat-related illnesses are a concern for everyone. But babies…

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Home Care Help August Birthdays

Dear employees let’s take a minute to wish the best things and blessings to the following our employees: Margueritte Forbes Carmen Guerra Kimberly Ramirez We hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

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Welcome Miriam Matulac to the Home Care Help Team

Dear Miriam Matulac, welcome to Home Care Help team! We are glad to introduce Miriam to our family. Miriam has got a job in the position of a home care aide on July 12, 2023. Miriam has many years of experience working with special needs children and adult, as well as with elderly people. She…

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Ma Thelma is Home Care Help’s Caregiver of the Month

Congratulations dear Ma Thelma! You are chosen as employee of the month! On behalf of Home Care Help, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the exemplary work that you have done for all these years. As a respectable member of our team, we would like to appreciate your hard work to accomplish…

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