What is Companion Care for Seniors?

Companion Care at Home in San Marino CALoneliness is a growing problem for seniors. As more and more seniors choose to stay in their homes when they get older the risk of loneliness gets bigger. Some researchers have said that loneliness among seniors is reaching epidemic levels.

Studies suggest that up to 60% of older adults report feeling lonely regularly. Being lonely makes seniors more likely to have chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. And it also increases the risk of seniors developing depression and anxiety.

Companion care at home is a way to prevent your senior parent from becoming isolated or lonely at home. If you live far away, or if you can’t see your senior mom or dad as much as you would like because of your kids or other responsibilities companion care at home can help.

Seniors who have companion care at home get regular visits from a caregiver who spends time with them doing activities, playing games, sharing meals, and talking. It’s like having a friend come over for the day. Some things you should know about companion care at home for seniors are:

Companions Help Seniors Who Are Grieving

Loss is very difficult for seniors, and unfortunately, seniors typically go through a lot of loss. If your mom or dad is grieving because they have lost their best friend, a sibling, or a spouse companion care makes it a little easier to learn to live with that loss.

Having a companion that they can talk to about their feelings, the person they lost, and their fears about what comes next can help your mom or dad process their grief and move forward.

Companions Help Seniors With Alzheimer’s

If your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s having dedicated time with a companion may help their cognitive skills stay strong. A companion can play board games or cards with a senior parent. They can play music, dance, read books, and do activities with them that will stimulate their brain and help them keep their cognitive skills sharp.

Companions Help Seniors Get Through Holidays and Tough Times

If you live far away and you can’t get home for every holiday your senior mom or dad is probably pretty lonely on the holidays you can’t make it home. But, if they have companion care at home your mom or dad won’t have to spend the holiday alone.

Companions Help Seniors Find Purpose

Having a sense of purpose is what gives seniors a reason to get up every day and a reason to keep enjoying life. Spending time talking to a friend like a companion can help your mom or dad figure out what they want to do next and what type of activities they would find fulfilling.

Companions Make Life at Home Fun for Seniors

If your mom or dad has companion care at home they can be happy and thrive at home because they will be sharing time with someone who is a real friend and cares about them.

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