Seven Facts Family Caregivers Should Keep in Mind

Senior Home Care in Culver City

Senior Home Care in Culver City

Are you considering taking care of your dad after his stroke? Before you do, there are seven facts about unpaid caregiving that you need to remember.

16% of Family Caregivers Feel a Financial Strain

What are you giving up if you care for your dad? If you have to reduce hours at work or quit a job, it’s likely you’ll be one of those family caregivers who end up experiencing financial strain. Generally, the two most common impacts are taking on more debt or setting money aside for the future.

20% of Family Caregivers Find the Work Difficult

Without a doubt, providing your dad’s care isn’t going to be easy. The more you help your dad, the harder it can be. He may not love having you help with some of the more intimate care tasks, like toileting or bathing. If he’s not happy, he can be uncooperative, which makes it harder.

The Average Number of Hours of Care Is Over 22

How many hours are you expecting to spend helping your dad? Altogether, the average number is 22 hours per week. After a stroke, he may need far more care than this. Therefore, you may need to carefully weigh your balance of work and caring for him.

28% of Family Caregivers Provide Care for Five or More Years

When you’re a family caregiver, you may expect to be in that role for a year or two. Three out of ten family caregivers end up caring for a family member for five or more years.

51% of Family Caregivers Find Fulfillment Caring For a Parent

Just over half of all family caregivers say that no matter how hard the work is, they find fulfillment in helping. Despite the emotional, mental, and physical strain, they find happiness in helping.

61% of Family Caregivers Work 40+ Hours a Week

Even when caring for a parent, three out of five caregivers work 40 or more hours a week. If you add the average of 22 hours of care each week, you’re working 62 hours a week between your job and your role as a caregiver.

63% of Family Caregivers Do Not Live With Their Parents

While some family caregivers move into their parents’ homes or move their parents into their homes, 63% of them live in separate houses. Given that, if this is your situation, you have to add travel times to and from your home to your dad’s home.

Senior home care is essential if you’re a family caregiver. You need to take breaks for self-care. With senior home care aides helping, you can help your dad, but you’re not the only one there. You can take breaks as needed.

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