Senior Care: What Does Senior Home Care Involve?

What is senior home care?

Many people have an idea, but they don’t realize the full range of available senior care services. Take a closer look at all of the ways a caregiver can help your mom and dad at home.

Senior Care in La Canada CA: Senior Home Care

Senior Care in La Canada CA: Senior Home Care

Your Parents Become More Social

After retirement, retirees may increase the number of hours at home. Their friends move away seeking a lower cost of living or to be closer to grandchildren and children. Does that sound familiar? If it does, your parents may feel lonely and isolated.

With regular visits from their caregiver, they enjoy socialization. Their caregiver can take them out to area attractions, stores, or senior centers for events and classes. It enables your parents to stay active and engaged in their community.

Your Parents Have Help With Medications

Remembering to take medications each day can be difficult at any age. If you’re not used to taking pills consistently, it takes time to get into the habit. Your parents have new medications that have been prescribed and need to remember when and how to take them.

Your mom has a prescription for iron supplements that she must take with a meal, but the medication used to help strengthen her bones has to be taken on an empty stomach. Keeping track of all that is hard for her. You could hire a caregiver to help her keep track of everything.

They Have Help With Daily Chores

Your parents do what they can around the house, but some chores are more challenging than they used to be. Arthritis pain, side effects from medications, and vision changes can impact how well your parents do.

They can have caregivers helping them with light housekeeping. Have the caregiver vacuum the carpets and stairs. Your parents could have the caregiver take over the laundry. They might want their caregiver to sterilize surfaces like their faucets, door and appliance handles, and counters.

Caregivers Can Take Over Driving

Some older drivers learn they’re not the best drivers anymore. It can be related to vision or pain in the joints when turning the neck or back far enough to thoroughly check their blindspots. Slower reaction times are another reason older drivers need to hang up the keys.

While your parents shouldn’t drive, it doesn’t mean they have to stop going out. They can let their caregiver drive them around to stores, restaurants, parks, medical offices, etc. They get to the places they need to visit, and they don’t have to take chances doing so.

Once you know your parents’ goals for aging, talk to a senior care at home specialist. You’ll learn more about prices, services, and how to arrange caregiver visits. Make a call and get started on your parents’ care plans.


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