Is There a Need for Personal Care Assistance?

What do you look for in your elderly loved one to determine whether they need personal care at home? Well, it isn’t the same for everyone, so there are different things that you might notice. The issues below are some of the most common signs that senior citizens need to receive personal care at home assistance.


Personal Care at Home in Culver City CA: Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care at Home in Culver City CA: Personal Care Assistance



Pay attention to the clothes your elderly loved one wears. Does it seem like they are wearing the same clothes for days on end? Are the clothes they put on dirty? Should they brush their teeth more? Do they need help cleaning their dentures? Are they taking a bath or shower as often as they should? These are all things to look at and think about when considering getting personal care at home for your elderly loved one.


House Cleaning

Is your elderly loved one keeping their house clean or does their bathtub need to be cleaned? Do they let their toilet get extremely gross? How about the kitchen – are there dishes in the sink all the time? Is there old food in the refrigerator? If your elderly loved one is having difficulties cleaning their home, it may be time to consider home care services.


Memory Issues

Another thing you should consider when thinking about getting senior care assistance for your elderly loved one is their memory. Are they forgetting the names of people in their life? Do they often forget they have doctor’s appointments? Are they asking you the same questions over and over again? If your elderly loved one is having memory issues, they may need someone around to help them remember or to help them through their day.


Balance Issues

Is your elderly loved one having issues with their balance? Maybe, they recently had a fall and got hurt. It could just be that you notice your elderly loved one is a bit wobbly when they get up from the kitchen table or when they get out of bed. If these things are happening, it would be best to have someone at your elderly loved one’s home ready to assist them whenever it is needed. This is where personal care at home services can really come in handy.



Does your elderly loved one just need someone to socialize with? Maybe, they get bored at home on their own all day. If this is the case, you should look into companion care services for the elderly.



Are you wondering whether personal care assistance is what your elderly loved one needs? If so, look for the signs that were noted above? If you notice your elderly loved one is having these types of issues, it is probably time to get personal care assistance. If you aren’t sure whether this is the type of home care service they need, feel free to call us today to find out more about personal care at home and other senior care services.


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