What Do You Need to Know About Elderly Telehealth Care 

There are many new ways that people attend appointments and deal with their mental and physical health. Since Covid-19 started, there are many patients who are attending telehealth/virtual appointments from their phones, tablets, or computers. There are even family caregivers and in-home care providers that are helping those with dementia to attend these appointments. The ability to attend these kinds of appointments is something that will continue for many doctors and patients well after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. As a family caregiver, there may be some things you want to learn about elderly telehealth care for your loved one.


In-Home Care in West Hollywood CA: Elderly Telehealth Care

In-Home Care in West Hollywood CA: Elderly Telehealth Care



Helps with Those Who Have Limited Mobility

Does your elderly loved one have limited mobility? Maybe, they just had surgery and they will need to stay home or on bed rest for a significant amount of time. If that is the case, telehealth care appointments might be just what they need. That way, they don’t have to leave their home or take extra time trying to get ready to leave their house for the appointment.


Scheduling More Appointments

Did your elderly loved one used to have to take months before they could get in to see their doctor? If so, things are changing now with telehealth appointments. Doctors can schedule more visits throughout the day because they don’t have to clean the visit rooms in between each patient. They can see a lot of their patients virtually instead. This allows the elderly to get more scheduled appointments with their doctors without having to wait as long in between. If something urgent pops up, you or an in-home care provider can help your elderly loved one to attend these appointments.


Easier on the Caregivers

You may also find that scheduling telehealth appointments for your elderly loved one is easier on you and the other caregivers than it used to be when driving your elderly loved one around. Now, you can have an in-home care provider get your elderly loved one online right from their house to reach their doctor. If needed, you can even go to your elderly loved one’s homes and log them into the appointment and stay with them until the appointment is over. That way, you are also familiar with the things that happen during the doctor’s appointments. This can reduce most of the potential issues with your elderly loved one’s care plan.


These are just some of the things that you may need to know about telehealth care for the elderly. Now that you are aware of these things, it would be good for you to think about whether these appointments should be scheduled more for your elderly loved one or whether they should still attend some or all of their appointments with their doctors in person. You can talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor, as well, to see if they need to see your loved one in person.


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