Home Care: There When You Need to Work

Home Care in Culver City

Home Care in Culver City

You have been caring for a senior parent, but now you need to go back to work. You are probably worried about how you will juggle caring for your senior parent with work. The “sandwich generation” caring for kids and parents is, like you, trying to balance work and family. Home care for seniors can provide the care needed, so you can work without worrying. With home care, a senior’s needs determine the tailored plan, but includes services like:

House Cleaning 

Home care providers typically do light housekeeping for seniors, like dishes, laundry, making beds, dusting, and decluttering. They remove clutter from walkways to ensure your senior loved one’s way is clear. They also clear hazards like cords, so your senior loved one can move around safely. In the kitchen, they will put away dishes, pots, and pans to keep the kitchen tidy.

Shopping And Errands

Home care providers can help with groceries, picking up medication, appointments, and errands. This is helpful for seniors who don’t drive, but still like to do their own shopping and errands. Caregivers can go with your senior loved one to do their errands, or they can do the shopping and errands for your senior loved one. They can also ensure your senior parent gets to any necessary doctor’s appointments, eye exams, or dental appointments.


Home care includes cooking and meal prep for seniors. Your senior parent will share meals with a care provider, who will ensure your senior loved one eats healthy meals throughout the day. The care provider can also pre-cook and portion or prep snacks and meals that your senior loved one can just heat up in the microwave when they are alone. Then, they have delicious healthy snacks and meals to eat all the time, even if the care provider isn’t there.


If you’re worried your senior loved one will be lonely because you have to go back to work and can’t spend as much time with them, don’t be worried. Of course, they would rather spend time with you, but having a daily care provider will also give them plenty of social interaction throughout the day. They will have the companionship they need to stay happy and healthy. Caregivers can also take seniors out for walks, or take them to local attractions like museums or the botanical gardens, so that seniors can get out and do fun things.

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