Home Care Services: Understanding Your Parents’ Aging Goals Starts With Listening

Home Care Services: You always have to listen to your parents’ goals when it comes to aging.

If you ignore their wishes, it will lead to frustration and arguments. For example, they don’t enjoy the idea of moving in with you. You can’t push them into it, even if it would make you happier. They may want to stay in their home for the rest of their life, and that makes them resent your pushing. You need to listen to their wishes and try your best to help them achieve their goals. Home care services should be one of your considerations.


Home Care Services: Aging Goals

Home Care Services: Aging Goals


Listen Without Interruption Before Asking Questions

Don’t interrupt your parents when they’re talking about their wishes. Let them speak and get everything out. If you have questions, keep them in mind for the end. Once they’ve said everything they want to say, you can ask questions and discuss your concerns.

You and your parents will have similar goals. No matter what they want to do, whether it’s downsizing to a one-level home or staying in their current home, everyone wants to prioritize safety. If the home is unsafe, steps need to be taken to ensure their safety. This includes adding grab bars in the bathroom, making sure lighting on stairs is bright, and that flooring isn’t slippery, loose, or uneven.

Go over questions and get their feedback. This helps you create a care plan that makes you happy and doesn’t make your parents feel that they won’t have any freedom or independence. The goal is to make them happy and convince you that they’ll be fine living at home on their own.


Talk About the Things That Are Necessary for Independence

To remain independent as they age, your parents need to be able to take care of certain things on their own. They need to remember to take their medications each day. They need to be able to shower, take care of their teeth, eat nutritious meals, keep their home clean, and handle routine chores like grocery shopping, laundry, and appointment scheduling.

If they can’t do these things without help, it’s okay. They can have others help them with the more challenging tasks, but they’re free to do things they can do independently without assistance. They don’t need to have caregivers take over. They just need that helping hand to stay safe and do things on their own when they’re able.

You’ve come up with the ideal home care assistance plan that meets your parents’ needs and also makes you happy. Now, it’s time to call a home care services agency. A specialist can walk you through the pricing for home care assistance and go over the best services and schedules for their needs. Call today.


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