Bedtime Tea for Seniors

In-Home Care in Studio City

In-Home Care in Studio City

Tea is the best drink because it contains various beneficial compounds and antioxidants that can improve your health. It is also low in calories, so it can help you maintain a healthy weight. Tea is also incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Lastly, tea can help relax you, reduce stress, and fall asleep easier. This is why seniors should drink tea a few hours before bed. Certain types of tea may be better for seniors to drink before bed.

Drink Lavender Tea
Lavender tea is great for a better night’s sleep, because lavender has calming and relaxing effects. The aroma of lavender can help relax the body and mind, and reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, drinking lavender tea can help reduce insomnia and improve overall sleep quality. If your senior needs help preparing tea, this may be something in-home care can help with before bed. In-home care can help a senior stick to a special routine each day and night.

Use Magnolia Bark
Have you ever heard of magnolia bark? Dried magnolia tree bark can, as you may have guessed, be made into tea. It may help a senior sleep by binding their gaba receptors, which can speed up the process of falling asleep. Even if a senior wakes up multiple times a night, they may find it easier to go back to sleep after drinking this tea.

Traditional Chamomile Tea
Chamomile is great for sleep because it contains compounds that help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and induce sleep. The compounds also help reduce inflammation and pain, which can help improve sleep quality. Additionally, chamomile has a calming aroma, which can help relax the body and mind and promote better sleep.

Valerian Root 
Valerian root contains ingredients shown to alleviate stress, ease muscle tension, and encourage restful sleep. Chamomile tea with valerian root is an excellent choice for bedtime. The ingredients decrease inflammation and discomfort, another benefit that may aid in a better night’s sleep.

Passionflower Tea
This ingredient reduces anxiety and improves sleep. It has properties that bind to receptors in the brain that can help ease anxiety. You may not believe this, but many seniors feel stress over money and other issues they cannot control, which can make it harder to sleep. Passionflower may be added as an ingredient in another tea, but it can be super beneficial.

Peppermint Tea
This is one of the most well-known teas to choose from. It’s in every coffee shop, and you can find so many home-brewed teas too! This is a great option for seniors, because it is so beneficial for their health. This tea is good for relieving muscle tension and reducing stress, and most importantly, it doesn’t contain caffeine. If a senior has an upset stomach, this is a great way to relieve the symptoms.

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