4 Senior Home Care Tips to Freshen Up Décor

Home Decor: Senior Home Care in Burbank, CA

Home Decor: Senior Home Care in Burbank, CA

April is National Decorating Month and it’s a great time for seniors that are aging in place to freshen up their décor for spring in a senior-safe way. When seniors are aging in place, they need to make sure that everything in their homes, including the furniture and décor, is safe and not going to cause any potential hazards for them.

Seniors who have senior home care can get help putting up or taking down decorations so that they don’t have to put themselves in danger of falling or getting dizzy when they are redecorating. Below are some fun spring décor upgrades seniors can make that are also senior-safe.

Change The Curtains

During the winter many seniors put up heavy thermal curtains. These types of curtains are fantastic for keeping out the cold during the winter months but they can also make the house quite dark. In the winter that doesn’t really matter since it’s dark and gloomy outside most of the time anyway.

In the spring, it’s time to let in the light and enjoy the bright sunlight streaming in the windows. Changing the curtains to curtains that are lighter and brighter, like sheers or very light cotton, will instantly make the room feel more like spring and let in all that cheerful sunlight.

Redecorate The Seasonal Tree

Seasonal trees have become very popular. It’s common these days for seniors to leave a lighted tree up all year and change the décor for the seasons. If your senior parent has a seasonal tree now is the time to swap out the winter holiday decorations and put up spring ones.

Cloth flowers, spring ornaments that have flowers, bunnies, birds, and young animals on them, and pastel colored bows are perfect for a spring tree. White lights are appropriate for all seasons, but it might be fun to change the white lights too and put up some pink, purple, or blue ones to go with the spring theme.

Put Up Some Fun Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is simple to install. It’s just like putting a decal or a sticker on the wall, only it’s a large piece of wallpaper. Senior home care providers can help seniors put up the peel and stick wallpaper.

Cheerful florals, colorful solids, or any kind of patterned paper can transform any room and make it cheerful and springlike in seconds. Because the peel and stick paper is just as easy to remove as it is to install, it’s easy to change the paper whenever your senior parent is tired of it.

Get New Plants

One of the best ways to decorate the house for spring is to get new indoor plants. Plants will help clean the air, reduce allergens, and boost overall happiness. Now that the days are getting longer and sunnier indoor plants should be able to thrive again. If your senior parent has pets make sure they have only pet-safe plants that won’t harm their beloved pets.

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