4 Common Foot Problems That Require Senior Home Care

Senior Home CareSeniors should always pay attention to their feet. Foot problems can be caused by many things, including health problems. Some common foot problems that seniors experience like neuropathy can be associated with health problems like diabetes. Taking care of their feet can help seniors stay healthier overall, and it can help them keep their mobility longer. Some common foot problems that seniors have and some things they can do to prevent these problems are:

Dry Skin

Most seniors experience dry skin. As seniors get older and lose the fat pad under the skin, their skin becomes more fragile and more prone to being affected by things like heat, sweat, and dry air. Having dry feet is very common and it can be caused by lots of things, including wearing heavy socks that aren’t made from a breathable fabric.

Seniors should wear cotton socks that will allow air flow so that their feet aren’t wet and sweaty all day. Seniors with senior home care should have their home care provider put powder on their feet before putting on their socks and shoes.

Seniors should be putting petroleum jelly and socks on their feet at night. The socks will hold in the petroleum jelly so that it stays in place all night softening and moisturizing the skin on the feet.


Neuropathy is pain and tingling in the feet caused by overactive nerves in the feet and legs. It can be caused by medical conditions like diabetes or by autoimmune disorders. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help neuropathy calm down. So can using topical creams designed to soothe the nerves. Seniors who have senior home care can get help from a home care provider putting on soothing creams and lotions to help alleviate that pain and the pins and needles feeling of neuropathy.

Red Patches

Red patches that develop on seniors’ feet and legs should be checked by a doctor to make sure they aren’t due to a blood clot or other serious problem. They can also be vascular and caused by poor blood flow. Red patches happen frequently to seniors that are mostly sedentary. If your senior parent starts developing red patches on their feet or ankles they should start moving more. Moving more will increase the blood flow in the legs and help seniors strengthen their leg muscles. Cycling or using a stationary bike at home are great ways that seniors can increase their blood flow.


Edema is swelling in the feet and legs. It’s very common among seniors. Edema can be caused by heart problems, so if your senior parent is experiencing severe swelling or swelling that doesn’t go away they need to see their doctor. A doctor can prescribe compression stockings and diuretics that can help. Seniors who get edema because of the hot weather or other reasons can get relief by sitting with their feet elevated above their heart for some time each day.

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