24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Who Rely On Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment: 24-Hour Home Care Pasadena CA

Medical Equipment: 24-Hour Home Care Pasadena CA

As seniors get older, they may need medical equipment at home to help them manage chronic health conditions. CPAP machines are common items that seniors rely on, as well as portable oxygen tanks. Seniors who have sleep problems may have any number of different medical devices that they need to help them sleep. As they age at home, seniors may develop anxiety because they worry about what would happen to them if their machine breaks down or fails, especially overnight. 24-hour home care can help seniors who are anxious feel safer at home.

24-Hour Home Care

When seniors have 24-hour home care they will be better able to relax and sleep at night knowing that someone is there who will be awake and checking on them. If something does happen, there will be someone who can get the equipment working again or call for emergency services if necessary. Seniors who live in areas where there is a risk of severe storms during most of the year may also worry about what would happen if the power goes out. But having 24-hour home care means that seniors won’t have to face emergencies alone.

Those who choose to age in place often worry about things like having medical equipment fail, falling, or having a stroke or heart attack and not having anyone there to help them. That’s why 24-hour home care is the most important thing for aging loved ones. Here are some of the other benefits of 24-hour home care.

Help Getting Around Safely

Seniors who fall often fall in the middle of the night when they are getting up to get a drink or use the bathroom. They’re half asleep and not very steady on their feet. Those with around the clock care will have someone in the home who can help them get up and move around safely. Or help with simple tasks such as getting them a drink or whatever they need during the night. When someone else is present in the home, seniors will have a much lower risk of falling at night.

Help With Medication

24-hour home care can also help seniors who need to take medications at certain times. It can be tough for seniors to remember when they need to take their meds and to get to the kitchen or the bathroom to get those meds. But a 24-hour home care provider can make sure that seniors get their medications whenever they need them even if it’s the middle of the night.


Having someone in the home with them all night can help seniors feel more secure in their homes. It’s very common for seniors to have anxiety at night when they are alone. But when seniors aren’t alone at night they will have an easier time feeling safe. And with cameras and security lights along with 24-hour home care seniors will be safe and happy aging in place in the house they love.

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