Senior Safety Risks: Every day, there are risks surrounding each of us. Most of the time we don’t even notice those risks.

We jump out of bed, hop in the shower, and rush off to work without even realizing how close we came to serious mishaps. For a senior, recognizing those risks becomes a little easier, especially as they slow down, lose strength, and maybe even struggle with certain daily tasks. Senior care is a wonderful option and one far too many family members don’t even look into until it is too late. Senior Safety Risks are something to contemplate as a caregiver.


Senior Care in Silver Lake CA: Senior Safety Risks

Senior Care in Silver Lake CA: Senior Safety Risks


One issue many family caregivers or family members have in trying to convince their aging parent or other loved one to slow down or take it easy or get help is that the senior doesn’t want to see or hear about their safety being compromised.

If you don’t understand this, consider your own safety.


What happens when you are rushing around, late for work?

If somebody were to tell you to slow down, what would you do? If your teenage daughter, your spouse, or even a close friend was watching you speed down the hallway, run down the stairs, or zip out of the driveway or parking lot, what would your reaction be if they told you to slow down?

You would probably tell them you can’t, right? There’s no time! Well, that’s you ignoring the safety hazards that exist, even as somebody is trying to warn you about them, somebody who loves you tremendously.
The same can be true for an aging person in your life. Maybe you have been trying to wake them up to the reality of those safety hazards, but they just won’t listen. A senior care provider might be able to break through where you have met resistance.

Below are three reasons why that could be the case.


Reason #1: They can talk directly to the senior.

You do that, too, but the relationship dynamic can impact the way a senior listens or ignores your advice, your admonishment, or your pleas.

When they work with the senior care provider, such as a home care aide, there is an aura of professionalism surrounding him or her. When that home care provider or senior care aide talks directly to their client, that senior is more prone to listening to them because there is no previous relationship to cloud their judgment.


Reason #2: They can help them get dressed or get into and out of the shower.

This might be an uncomfortable situation for both you and the seniors you have been supporting. Yet, getting dressed or taking a shower has become a risky endeavor.

That senior care provider can step into this role and help them, keeping them safe while taking part in this daily routine.


Reason #3: They can make recommendations.

Installing grab bars, a stairlift, or some other minor home renovation could improve safety. Coming from you, the senior might not listen, but again, through the aura of professionalism, the senior may pay attention and consider things you already talked about to curb the senior safety risks.

Don’t let pride get in the way; look into senior care options to help keep a senior you love safer.


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