In-Home Care: What Are In-Home Care Aides Able to Do For Your Family?

In-Home Care: It’s always been your mom and dad’s plan to age at home.

Now that they’re older, it’s clear that they need some help with daily chores and personal care. Have you considered arranging in-home care services to aid them as they age at home?


Home Care Services in Burbank CA: In-Home Care

Home Care Services in Burbank CA: In-Home Care



Your parents can have a caregiver available to drive them to stores and area businesses. They’ll have safe rides to their doctor’s and dentist’s appointments. Caregivers can also drive them to area attractions for afternoon outings.

Organization and Scheduling

If your mom and dad have a hard time remembering to take their medications or schedule upcoming appointments, home care services are helpful. A caregiver can help them with scheduling, reminders, and organization of bills, household supplies, etc.


Housework and Laundry

Laundry and light housekeeping duties have become too much for your mom and dad to handle. Hire caregivers to help them with their laundry, sheet and bedding changeovers, surface sanitizing, and floor care.


Meal Preparation

You may have noticed that your parents order a lot of takeout food. Maybe, you look in their cabinets and freezer and find they’ve stocked up on canned soups and frozen dinners. These are not always the most nutritious options.

With the help of a caregiver, they can have nutritious home-cooked meals and snacks every day. Caregivers can also work with them to create weekly menus and build shopping lists based on that menu. If they need help with grocery shopping trips, that’s also possible.

In-Home Care: Companionship

When your parents live alone, they may become lonely. Friends have moved to other areas, so their social circle is shrinking. As a result, they lean heavily on you to be the person that they go out with.

Companionship services are essential in this situation. Your parents have a caregiver around for conversations, games, and outings. They’re able to get out when they want and enjoy friendship, giving you a break.


In-Home Care: Caregivers Help the Entire Family

Caregivers are there to help your parents, but it also helps you. If you’ve been your parents’ primary carer for a long time, you’re due a break. With in-home care, you have the chance to run errands, visit friends, or have a day off without worrying.

In-home care is a supportive service designed to help your parents remain independent while aging at home. The goal is to help them, but it can also end up being helpful to you at the same time. Call an in-home care specialist to learn more.


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