Not All Home Care Is the Same, So It’s Important to Know What’s Needed

There may be somebody in your family who requires some type of care.

Is it your mother? Your father? A grandparent, spouse, sibling, neighbor, or friend? Whoever it is, home care is one of the best options for aging men and women who have health issues, are recovering following major surgery, or who have recently suffered a major medical emergency.


Homecare in Toluca Lake CA: Home Care

Homecare in Toluca Lake CA: Home Care


But, it’s also important to realize not all home care is the same. There are different types of home care to consider, most notably the difference between a visiting nurse (commonly referred to as a home health care aide) and a basic home care provider.


What does a home care aide offer?

In general terms, a home care aide is somebody who can assist with most basic tasks of everyday life. This generally includes helping with mobility, sometimes bathing and toileting, preparing meals, light housekeeping, doing the laundry every once in a while, and so on.

A home care aide is sometimes referred to as a companion aide, somebody who is there to assist this elderly person to the basic tasks of everyday life.

It’s important not to misunderstand the roles and responsibilities of a home care provider. This individual is not a housekeeper. Their primary job is not to make sure the house is clean. However, if the senior needs assistance with basic light housekeeping, then they can certainly help with some of those details.

A home care aide will often help with meal preparation or will prepare meals, take the senior to the grocery store to go shopping, and assist them in getting to doctors’ appointments from time to time.

A visiting nurse or home health care provider, on the other hand, will assist with direct medical tasks, like administering medications, changing an IV drip, changing wound dressings, checking vital stats and relaying the information to a doctor, and so forth.


What about independent and agency caregivers?

It’s also a good idea to understand the difference between hiring an independent home care aide and hiring through an agency. When you hire independently, it is your responsibility to carefully vet their background, resume, and ensure they are fully licensed, insured, and who they claim to be.

When you hire through an agency, most of these tasks will already be done. And, through an agency, home care providers generally receive training and ongoing support, which is vital to the caregiving process, especially as it moves from days to weeks to months.


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