Does your elderly loved one have skin cancer?

This can be very scary for your elderly loved one, yourself, and other family members. However, it is important to know that there are ways that elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one. Not only can they help with early recognition of skin cancer, but they can help in the later stages, as well.


Homecare in Culver City CA

Homecare in Culver City CA


Encouraging Proper Sun Safety

One of the many ways that elderly care providers can help your loved one is by encouraging proper sun safety. When trying to prevent cancer, it is important that your elderly loved one is wearing protective clothing. They should wear a hat and sunglasses that filter out UV rays when they are outdoors, especially on the days when the sun is beating down. In addition, your elderly loved one should be wearing the right sunscreen when they are outdoors. The elderly care providers can remind your loved one to be safe in the sun.


Regular Check-Ups

An elderly care provider can take your loved one to regular check-ups at their doctor’s office. The doctor can check your loved one’s skin to look for any abnormalities. If there are any changing or new moles, skin changes, or other skin issues, the doctor will be able to spot these. If there is an issue, the doctor can follow the necessary steps to biopsy the area and get your elderly loved one checked for cancer. The earlier skin cancer is spotted and treated, the better chance your elderly loved one has for surviving it.


Spotting Skin Cancer

The elderly care providers that your loved one has can be trained to spot signs of skin cancer, as well. They should be able to keep an eye out for suspicious moles, skin changes, and complaints by your elderly loved one. If they notice any of these things, they should get your elderly loved one a doctor’s appointment.


Helping with Cancer

If your elderly loved one already has skin cancer, the treatments can be rough. Elderly care providers can be there to help care for your loved one during this process. They can do what is necessary to help make your elderly loved one more comfortable.

These are some of the ways that home care services can help your elderly loved one with skin cancer. From preventing skin cancer to helping if your loved one is getting treatments, elderly care providers can be there.


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