Companion Care at Home Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain: Companion Care at Home Pasadena CA

Chronic Pain: Companion Care at Home Pasadena CA

Seniors’ bodies undergo many changes as they age, and some can make them more susceptible to chronic pain. This pain can considerably influence their quality of life, their ability to participate in everyday activities, and their health in general. The good news is that there are several effective methods for treating pain in seniors. With companion care at home, seniors can implement these techniques into their everyday routines and increase their comfort and mobility.

Understanding Medication Management

Doctors can provide pain relievers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) and opioids to senior patients effectively control their pain. However, due to the possibility of adverse effects and hazards associated with their usage, it is imperative that these medications only be taken under the guidance of a qualified medical professional.

To assist with proper management, having companion care at home is essential. Home health aids can provide gentle reminders to take medication, document doses, and help seniors understand how medication might affect their day-to-day lives.

The Importance of Physical Activity

Seniors can benefit from reduced pain and increased mobility with the help of physical therapy, which consists of specific exercises and stretches. The use of massage, heat and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and other types of treatment are just some of the pain relief options that physical therapists have at their disposal.

Seniors should also focus on being active each day. If seniors have been sedentary, they may only be able to move for ten minutes, but as they consistently strive to add activity to their day, they can increase that time. There are several group classes targeted at seniors face-to-face or online. If they have companion care at home, their caregivers can get them moving by encouraging a walk around the block or active hobbies like gardening.

Adding Mindfulness to Their Routine

Incorporating activities such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi can help seniors better manage their pain by lowering their stress levels and enhancing their mental and physical ability to relax. These types of activities also help to reduce stress and depression.

Taking time to breathe deeply and live in the moment is essential for all ages. It can be especially beneficial for seniors who become overwhelmed by the number of challenges they face regularly.

Consider Modifications to Assist Seniors

Modifications include eating good food, maintaining a healthy weight, remaining physically active, and getting adequate sleep. These modifications have been shown to be effective in reducing pain in seniors. With the assistance of companion care at home, these adjustments can aid pain management and may also enhance general health.

Treating pain in seniors requires multiple techniques, including medication, physical activity, mindfulness, and modifications in lifestyle. It is essential to collaborate closely with medical professionals and the health care team to create an appropriate and effective treatment strategy.

Seniors can preserve their quality of life and manage their pain provided they receive the support they need. Loved ones should discuss pain and pain management with seniors and the health care team to see their options in addition to the ones listed above.

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