6 Ways 24-Hour Home Care Helps After Your Dad Loses His Vision

Between 12 and 15% of older adults experience vision loss. Your dad is among the 15% of adults 75 or older who have vision impairment, and he’s struggling with his usual routines. Have you considered the benefits of hiring 24-hour home care services to help him out?

Home care aides are an important addition to your dad’s support team when his goal is to age at home. He shouldn’t have to struggle. Here are six ways they provide the support your dad needs.


24-Hour Home Care Encino CA: Vision Care24-Hour Home Care Encino CA: Vision Care

24-Hour Home Care Encino CA: Vision Care


Ambulation and Mobility

At first, your dad will need time to adjust to things in his home. Walking from room to room when he’s lost his vision is challenging. He keeps tripping on furniture because he misjudges where things are.

Hire caregivers to help him with ambulation and mobility. He’ll start to learn where things are and how many steps he can take without running into things. Until then, make sure he has a caregiver’s help.

Assistance With Bathing and Grooming

Your dad is okay showering on his own, but he needs help getting in and out of the shower. His caregiver can support him while he steps over the rim. He can also have his caregiver help him with grooming tasks that require sight, such as shaving or trimming his nails.


Reminders for Medications

Not only does your dad find it hard to remember to take his daily medications, but he can’t read the labels to know if he has the right bottle. Hire home care aides to offer medication reminders and ensure he has the right pills.


Assistance When Running Errands

Have caregivers help your dad with errands. His caregiver can join him on shopping trips and take him to the pharmacy for medication refills. If he needs to bring his curtains to a laundromat, he can have his caregiver drive him there.


Escorts to Appointments

With vision loss, your dad isn’t safe to drive. Hire caregivers to drive him to his appointments and ensure he is safely into the office on time. When the appointment is over, his caregiver can bring him home.


Help With Housework

Your dad isn’t going to be able to do his own housework. If there are chores he needs to be able to see to complete, such as laundry or dishes, his caregiver can do them. Hire home care aides to help with dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces too.

Get started by sitting down with your family and seeing who is available to help your dad each week. Some family and friends may have free time. If there are any days that he needs help and no one is available, home care services can fill the gaps.


Call an agency and ask to speak to a specialist in 24-Hour Home Care. You’ll get answers to any questions you have and schedule services during that call.


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