Whether your older family member is male or female, a heart attack is a serious situation requiring immediate medical attention. But, did you know that a heart attack in a woman can present differently than it would in a man?


Home Health Care in Studio City CA: Women Heart Attack Symptoms

Home Health Care in Studio City CA: Women Heart Attack Symptoms


Most people associate heart attacks with the dramatic symptoms seen on television and in movies where someone clutches their chest and drops to the floor. However, women are more likely to have more subtle signs of a heart attack. Knowing what to look for can help you to identify symptoms of a heart attack in an older female and get them some help quickly.


Symptoms of Heart Attack

Although chest pain is the most common sign of a heart attack regardless of gender, women often experience other kinds of symptoms that have nothing to do with chest pain. Symptoms women may have include:


Abnormal Fatigue: Women can feel tired for a lot of reasons, but when the fatigue is unusual for them, it could signal a heart attack. Your aging relative might get suddenly very tired after doing a small activity, like making the bed. She might also feel very tired when she isn’t exerting herself. Her chest might feel “heavy.”


Sweating: A heart attack can cause excessive sweating with no apparent cause. They may experience it as stress sweat, a cold, clammy feeling when there isn’t any reason for them to feel stressed.


Pain in the Neck, Back, or Jaw: A heart attack can make nerves near the heart fire, which can mean having pain in places other than the chest, like the neck, back, or jaw.
Shortness of Breath: A woman having a heart attack may feel short of breath even when no chest pain or discomfort is present. The shortness of breath might get worse if she lies down and better when she sits up.


Why Women Might Ignore Symptoms

Experts say that women often fail to report symptoms of a heart problem or ignore heart attack signs until it’s too late. Part of the reason is that they might mistake their symptoms for flu. In addition, women tend to worry about others before themselves because they are accustomed to taking care of their families. They don’t want to concern others, so they keep how they are feeling to themselves.


An elderly care provider can watch for signs of a heart attack in your older family member, ensuring she gets help as soon as possible. Elderly care providers can also help to take care of an older adult after a heart attack. Elderly care providers can offer transportation to cardiac rehabilitation appointments and other medical appointments. In addition, an elderly care provider can cook heart-healthy meals and allow the senior to rest while the provider handles things around the house.


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