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Are You Noticing These Signs?

If you’re spotting some of the following signs in your own thoughts or behaviors, then you are at a point where you need to seek help for caregiver burnout. The problem may not be too severe just yet, which is important. Talk to your doctor or to a therapist that you trust about what you can do to get yourself back on track.


Elderly Care in Burbank CA: Noticing These Signs

Elderly Care in Burbank CA: Noticing These Signs


Your Emotions Are All Over the Place

Emotions are a part of life, but when you’re feeling some of your emotions more intensely or in more of a “pinball” sort of way, you might have some deeper issues. Irritability and anger can be more pronounced when you’re facing burnout. You might feel angrier than you should about minor inconveniences, for instance.


You Can’t Sleep Well

How are you sleeping? If your answer is “not at all,” that’s not good. You might also be having trouble staying asleep in the middle of the night. All of these signs are indications that your body and your brain aren’t getting the rest that they need. Talk to your doctor about possible underlying medical causes first.


You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Did Something for You

Are you taking care of yourself? This can involve everything from eating healthy meals rather than fast food all the way to remember to brush your teeth. When did you last do something that was just for you? It doesn’t matter what it was, but if you can’t remember the last time you met a need of your own, that’s a problem.


You’re Feeling Sick all the Time

When you’re emotionally run down it doesn’t take long to get physically run down. In fact, you might start to feel as if you’re constantly coming down with one bug or another. But it’s not just the common cold. Pay attention to all your little aches and pains. If they’re increasing, you may be experiencing too much stress.


You’re Feeling Hopeless

Hopelessness is a big sign of depression and burnout. When you feel as if there’s no hope, the underlying message to yourself and to others is that nothing that you do matters. But that’s not true. You don’t have to keep feeling hopeless. There is help that can relieve that burden for you.

Caregiver burnout is a very real and very dangerous situation. What it ultimately means is that you’re going to be unable to keep taking care of your elderly family member the way that you want to be able to. If she doesn’t have other people who can step in, you’re putting both of you in a dangerous situation.


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