Senior Health: What Can Your Senior Do to Prevent Diabetes?

Senior Health: There are a lot of factors that contribute to diabetes, and your senior may have more control over potentially developing type 2 diabetes than she might think.

It all comes down to making some big choices and following through on them for good senior health.


Home Care in Toluca Lake CA: Diabetes

Home Care in Toluca Lake CA: Diabetes


Talk about Her Risk Factors with Her Doctor

You and your senior need to understand her risk factors for developing diabetes before you can make many changes. If your senior has a family history of diabetes or has other health issues that can contribute to developing diabetes, that makes a big difference in whether or not she’s more likely to develop diabetes herself. Your senior’s doctor can help her to put together a plan that works to lower her individual risk.


Increase Her Physical Activity

If her doctor agrees that it’s okay for your senior to exercise more, then adding more movement to every day can help her to improve her overall health. More exercise can also help to reduce her blood sugar and insulin resistance, which can decrease her overall risk of developing diabetes. It’s always a good idea for your senior to start out slowly with any new exercise program, and it might be a good idea for her to have help available while she’s exercising. Personal care at home can make sure she’s safe and that any other needs are met.


Look More Closely at Her Diet

Diet is tremendously important in terms of decreasing diabetes risk. It’s a common misconception that eating a diet high in sugar causes diabetes. That’s not what causes diabetes but lowering her intake of foods that are high in added sugar can be a good idea. It’s also important for your senior to eat plenty of protein and healthy fats in order to keep her body healthy. Having home care providers helping with meal preparation can be a factor in helping your senior to eat healthy meals.

Senior Health: Get Help Where She Needs it Most

Self-care is an important part of your senior being able to reduce her risk of developing diabetes. If your elderly family member is spending a lot of her time and energy being overwhelmed by life’s challenges, she may find it even more difficult to do what she needs to do in order to stay as healthy as possible. Personal care at home can tackle those tasks for your senior so that she can spend energy making decisions that support her overall health.

Preventing diabetes means helping your senior to do all that she can now in order to avoid bigger senior health issues later.

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