How Elder Care Can Help Seniors With Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Disease: Elder Care La Canada CA

Parkinson’s Disease: Elder Care La Canada CA

Parkinson’s can be painful to deal with because it often comes with symptoms of tremors, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination. This can make it exceptionally hard to live on their own, but with the help of elder care, it is possible to age in place even with a progressive disease like Parkinson’s. If you or elder care is looking for a few tips on how to help your loved one when they’re struggling with this disease and living on their own.

Find the Right Medical Care Team

Many elder care providers can’t handle medication or administer them. However, they can help your senior go to the doctor and attend in-person meetings to determine what they should focus on. If your loved one needs more help with medication management, you may need to look into alternative care for your loved one. There are tons of options that will allow your senior to age in place.

Keep Things Easily Accessible

When your loved one wants to live at home, that’s great. It’s a decision that more and more of the elderly generations are making. However, the home should be cleaned regularly, and things should be moved out of the way to keep your seniors from falling and to help them move around the house easier. There should be no clutter on the ground, kitchen gadgets should be easily accessible, and main entryways should be clear. To keep the layout the same, you should avoid moving around furniture; this will also limit confusion.

Keep to a Regular Routine

When your senior has a chronic illness or a disease like Parkinson’s. This is something that elder care can help with! Progressive diseases can be stressful and hard to manage, but sticking to a routine can help a senior feel less stressed, and they know what to expect from each day. Following a routine doesn’t mean they can’t do extra things, but eating meals at the same time, bathing on the same days, and going to bed at the same time can provide a sense of comfort for your seniors and keep them more independent.

Always Be Patient

You may want to rush to do something, but this can be impossible for your loved one, so always be patient. A senior with Parkinson’s may not be able to move as fast as you want or do things they used to do, especially if they are in the later stages of the disease. It can be hard to leave the house some days, and they may suffer from extreme fatigue or need several days to recover after one day of going out. Just keep their best interest in mind and ensure they keep as comfortable as possible throughout the day.

Reach Out to a Therapist

Seniors may not know how to handle these changes, and even with a primary care doctor, they may not know how to cope. If your senior needs mental tools and a mental boost while coping with this disease, they should contact a therapist. This is a professional who will listen to their concerns and give them the tools to cope with the changes in their body.

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