Your mom needs to lose weight per her last medical visit. It could be she’s pre-diabetic, has diabetes, or has high blood pressure. No matter what the reason, it’s important that she has the support she needs to lose weight and keep it off.


Homecare in Silver Lake CA: Senior Weight Loss

Homecare in Silver Lake CA: Senior Weight Loss


Find Exercises She Loves

If your mom doesn’t like the activity she’s doing for exercise, she’s going to struggle to keep up with her new goals. Find exercises and activities she does enjoy. If she likes dancing, try video games like Just Dance or sign her up for a Zumba class.

She might love to swim. If she doesn’t have a pool, see where the nearest pool is and what the rules are. It may be better to invest in a small lap pool in her yard. If she likes riding a bike, a stationary bike near a TV where it looks like she’s biking somewhere exotic will work for her.


Come Up With Healthier Options for Cravings

Cravings can be the hardest part of switching your diet. If your mom loves chocolate, switch that slice of chocolate cake for melted low-sugar chocolate chips and fresh fruit. Instead of ice cream, make fruit puree in a blender and freeze it for sorbet that doesn’t have added sugar.

Instead of crunchy potato chips, give your mom roasted almonds to snack on. Other good snacks for dieting are vegetable sticks with hummus or mini quiches made with egg whites and her favorite vegetables.


Make Changes With Her

When you’re at your mom’s house, do as she has to do. It’s not fair to bring a chocolate cake and share slices in front of her if she can’t have them. At her house, eat the foods she has to eat in support. When you get home you can do what you want.

If you visit when she usually takes a walk, join her. Go for a walk with her and support her along the way. You could take her to new locations like a park, lakeside walking path, or wildlife area for a change of pace.

Remember that you might find yourself in her shoes decades from now. Making changes now may prevent future impact on your health.

Elder care services offer the support she needs as she increases exercise and changes her diet. She can have help with meal preparation and portion control. She has someone to keep her company while she exercises.

If she has prescription medications, an elder care aide can remind her when it’s time to take them. With medication reminders, you never have to worry about her missing a dose.


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