Homecare: What Are the Benefits of Smart Devices for the Elderly?

Homecare: As your mom and dad get older, they insist that they want to age at home.

You agree with them, but you want to ensure safety is a top priority. Have you or your homecare provider looked into the benefits of smart devices when it comes to keeping your parents safe?



Homecare in Silver Lake CA: Smart Devices

Homecare in Silver Lake CA: Smart Devices


What Can Smart Devices Do?

There’s a wide range of intelligent devices on the market. Each one offers something different when it comes to safety and comfort. Here are a few of the best smart devices for seniors.

Smart speakers are handy for playing music, games, and news and weather reports. Your mom and dad give the speaker a voice command and have all the information they need. They can also use it to build shopping lists and set reminders.

Smart displays take the ability of a smart speaker and add a screen for visual content. Many devices allow you to make video calls to another family member or friend that has the same device. Your parents could tell the display to call you and stay in touch through a video chat.

Smart thermostats can keep the home’s temperature set to specific levels during the day and night. If you want to check to make sure your parents’ house is warm enough during the winter, access the app and check. If there are problems, you can set up alerts to notify you when the temperature dips below a certain level.

Smart alarms connect for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection throughout the home. If carbon monoxide, smoke, or fire is detected downstairs while your parents are sleeping upstairs, the alarms in every room in the house are synced and go off. They have extra time to evacuate safely.

Wearable smart devices, like a smartwatch, help your parents with personal health and wellness. These devices can track their heart rate, stress levels, and the distance they’ve walked during the day.

Fall monitoring is available in some smartwatches. If they’re connected to a phone, it can call emergency services if your parent falls and doesn’t get back up or alert the watch that they’re okay. Some also have built-in oxygen saturation detection and monitors that pay attention to heart rhythms. If someone seems off, the watch alerts your parents to talk to their doctor.

Pair Smart Technology With Caregiver Visits for Comprehensive Care at Home

Companion care at home can be a better way to keep your parents safe and happy. Caregivers check-in and help your mom and dad with everything from medication reminders to housekeeping. Your parents have help with meals, laundry, and transportation. Call a homecare specialist to learn more.


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