Home Health Care: What Should Family Caregivers Expect as Alzheimer’s Disease Progresses?

Home Health Care: Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging disease to handle.

Your mom has had Alzheimer’s for years, and it’s progressing to the point that she needs Home Health Care services. She cannot be alone at any hour as she is always trying to “go home.” She’s wandered away before, and you don’t want her to get outside and get lost.

That’s just one of many situations that can occur with Alzheimer’s disease. Every person is different, so your mom may experience every possible stage of the disease’s progression. Or, she may only experience a couple of them. No matter what happens, your family needs support through it.



Home Health Care in Century City CA: Alzheimer's Disease

Home Health Care in Century City CA: Alzheimer’s Disease


Problems With Toileting

Your mom no longer remembers to use the toilet. As incontinence heightens, she’ll need someone to remind her when to go to the bathroom. She may need incontinence pads or underwear. Someone needs to be there to help her get cleaned and changed throughout the night.


Loss of Speech

In the latter stages, your mom may stop talking. If anything, she’ll say one or two words during the hours you are with her. Sometimes, the things she says will be made-up words and make no sense.

When she cannot communicate with you, she may become frustrated and lash out. She’ll push you away and shut down. Caregivers can help her when she’s trying to avoid any interactions with you.


Inability to Bathe or Dress

Your mom will eventually stop being able to dress without help. She won’t be able to wash her hair or take a shower without someone helping her.

At this point, an accident in the night can require a complete change of pajamas and bedding. Waiting until morning increases the risk of a UTI. For that reason, it helps to have caregivers in the home throughout the night.


When Is It Time for 24-Hour Home Health  Care?

In the latter stages of Alzheimer’s, 24-hour home care is an essential service for your family. You might be the primary family caregiver, but it’s impossible to be there every minute of the day. For your physical and mental health, you need to take breaks.

When should you look into 24-hour home care services? When family caregivers are burning out, it’s time to discuss it. If you fall asleep or forget to do things that put your mom at risk, it’s important to consider home care services. If you’re frustrated to the point you lash out in anger, pick up the phone and get others to help care for your mom.

Schedule 24-hour home health care by calling an agency and asking to talk to a specialist. Discuss your mom’s care needs and whether anyone in the family regularly stops by to spend time with her. A care plan is created from those answers. At that point, you can go over the cost of caregivers and schedule services.



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