The National Institute of Health estimates that 6.1 million older adults have some level of vision loss. Of them, 350,000 are blind. If your mom is blind or has limited vision, she needs help at home, stores, medical offices, and in outdoor areas.


Home Care in Century City CA: Blind Home Care Services

Home Care in Century City CA: Blind Home Care Services


For your mom to age safely at home, she must have support. Home care services are important if someone isn’t with her every day. These are the best home care services to schedule.


With worsening vision or blindness, your mom cannot drive a car. She needs someone to bring her to the store, take her to medical and dental appointments, and bring her to social or educational activities. If you’re not available every day, hire a caregiver to drive her around.

Meal Preparation

When she can’t see, your mom should not be making meals. The chances of burning herself or accidentally cutting fingers with a knife are high. She may gain some skills over time, but someone should at least supervise her.

Caregivers can be available to cook meals or help her cook them. They can serve meals to her and clean up the kitchen after. They can also help her eat if she has a hard time with cutlery.


How well is your mom doing brushing and flossing her teeth? She probably needs help. Home care aides can also help her wash her hair and body, rinse off, and get in and out of the tub or shower without falling. They can brush and style her hair, trim her nails, and shave her armpits or legs if needed.


She can’t see to know if there are crumbs on the floor, excessive pet hair, or stains. With home care services helping with light housework, your mom’s house stays neat and tidy. She can also have a caregiver assisting with laundry.

Medication Reminders

You don’t want your mom grabbing the wrong prescription and taking too many pills. With home care aides available, your mom has someone to help her remember to take her medications, open the right bottle, and take it at the right time of day.

How do you arrange home care services? Call an agency and discuss your mom’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the first step to coming up with a care plan that meets her changing needs. Home care services are easily adapted as her needs change. Call to learn more.


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