4 Tips for Helping Your Senior Start an Exercise Program 

Starting up an exercise program might not be top on your senior’s to-do list, but it can help her to be healthier both physically and mentally. Those are the two biggest reasons to get going on an exercise program as soon as possible. What can help her the most is for ypou and your elderly care provider to start out with a plan and to move slowly at each stage of that plan.


Elderly Care in Studio City CA: Senior Health

Elderly Care in Studio City CA: Senior Health


Make Sure Exercise is Okay for Her to Do

Before your elderly family member starts any exercise program, she needs to clear it with her doctor. There are several health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and lung diseases, that can make exercise a little more dangerous for your elderly family member. Your senior may still be able to exercise, so it’s important to know what her limitations might be.

Get Clear on Why She’s Exercising

People can start to lose muscle tone in their thirties and forties. That muscle loss accelerates as your senior ages. She may also start to have issues with balance and flexibility over time. Exercise can help her to regain muscle tone, especially if she’s eating a diet higher in protein and other nutrients. It can also help her to improve her flexibility and balance. Along with other safety considerations, like having in-home care providers there when your senior exercises, knowing her why keeps your senior safer.

Try a Variety of Activities

Multiple types of exercise help to keep your senior’s body and brain engaged. Also, if your elderly family member isn’t sure what she wants to do for exercise, having a variety of options can help her to find something that she truly enjoys. Even if she never lands on one particular type of exercise, having lots of options can keep her from getting bored.

Help Her to Be Safe and Consistent

As mentioned, safety is a huge concern for your senior while exercising, and caregivers can help with that. Consistency is equally important, though, for your elderly family member to get the biggest benefits out of moving more. In-home care providers can be incredibly helpful in reminding your senior to move as often as she should. They can also help with mobility issues.

Not everyone loves to exercise, of course, and your senior may fall into that group. There are plenty of ways to make moving more a part of her regular routine without hating the movement that she’s doing. Helping her to figure that out can be fun for both of you.


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