Skin Cancer in the Elderly: Can Elder Care Providers Help?

Elder Care: Do you worry that your elderly loved one will get skin cancer?

If so, it is a good idea to learn about the many ways that skin cancer can be prevented. If your elderly loved one already has skin cancer, they will need to take certain precautions while they are receiving treatment, to prevent things from getting worse. You and elder care providers can work together to help your elderly loved one with these things.


Elder Care: Skin Cancer

Elder Care: Skin Cancer


Best Sun Safety Tips

If you are trying to help your elderly loved one prevent skin cancer, there are some tips for prevention, such as:

  • Wearing a hat while outside
  • Putting on the proper amount of sunblock
  • Using UV ray-blocking sunglasses
  • Staying out of the direct sunlight

If your elderly loved one won’t remember to do these things, you can hire home care providers. There are elderly care providers that are trained in caring for senior citizens, so they know how to help them with skin cancer prevention and with staying healthy in other ways, too.


Going to the Doctor

If your elderly loved one isn’t that great at keeping up on assessing their skin for any changes, it would be best if you or an elder care provider took them to the doctor regularly. If they go every 6 months to 1 year, the doctor can do a skin assessment to check for new or changing moles, skin discoloration, or other changes to their skin. If there are any suspicious spots or changes, they can do biopsies or other tests to see if it is skin cancer.

If your elderly loved one already has skin cancer, elderly care providers can drive them to and from their treatment appointments.

At-Home Care for Cancer

Does your elderly loved one already have a skin cancer diagnosis? If so, it is crucial they are taking their medications and following through with all recommendations their doctor puts in the treatment plan for at home. It could be truly beneficial for you to hire elder care providers who can be with your elderly loved one in their home. They can give medication reminders and help your elderly loved one on the tough days (ex. when treatments make them fatigued and nauseous).


Elder Care: Conclusion

Do you want to help your elderly loved one prevent skin cancer? Maybe, they already have this type of cancer, but they need help with medication reminders or help with home chores or getting to appointments, No matter what situation they are in, you and elder care providers can help them.


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