How Companion Care At Home Makes Life Easier For Seniors On Their Own

According to the CDC more than 18% of seniors over the age of 65 experience depression. But mental health experts say the number of seniors who develop depression is probably much higher. Seniors are less likely than other age groups to discuss their symptoms or even recognize that their symptoms can be caused by depression. Most seniors think that getting older just means feeling “blue” or sad frequently. Seniors who have lose a spouse or partner, especially women, tend to develop symptoms of depression like feeling hopeless or withdrawn much of the time. Companion care at home can help seniors manage their depression by keeping them socially connected to the world.


Happy Senior Woman Together With Her Home Care Nurse Or Caregive

Companion Care at Home in Burbank CA: Benefits of Companion Care


Companion care at home for seniors means having a care provider that is also a friend. These caregivers will have conversations with your senior loved ones, share meals with them, and do activities with them like making crafts, doing puzzles, watching TV, listening to music, going shopping, and more. If you have a full-time job and can’t be with your senior loved one all day every day to keep them company companion care at home is a great alternative. Companion care at home helps seniors by:


Motivating Seniors To Try New Hobbies

New hobbies are a great way to get your senior parent interested in life again. With help from a companion care at home provider, your senior loved one may decide they want to try painting, glass blowing, or writing a novel. The caregiver can help your senior loved one get any equipment or supplies they need for their new hobby, take a class with them, or do other things to support them while they try something new.

Getting Seniors To Exercise

Exercise is essential for good physical and mental health. When seniors have a workout partner who will go to the gym or the pool with them, go for walks with them, and encourage them to exercise every day seniors are more likely to do that exercise every day. Your senior parent may even discover a love for a new activity or sport after trying it with a care provider.


Giving Seniors An Activities Partner

Often seniors don’t participate in senior activities because they don’t want to go alone. If your senior parent has recently lost their partner or spouse they may not want to go to restaurants, go shopping, play golf, or do other activities because they no longer have someone to do those things with. A care provider can be the one to get your senior loved one interested in doing things again.


Helping Seniors Stay Connected

Keeping seniors connected to family and friends is critical for their good mental and physical health. A caregiver can help seniors connect with family and friends by helping facilitate visits, helping seniors use video chat, and showing seniors how to use popular social media platforms. Seniors who have a strong bond with their friends and family are going to have a much higher quality of life than seniors who struggle to stay connected.


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