Thirty minutes of exercise each day is the recommendation by medical professionals. It’s not a lot to ask, yet some adults aren’t active enough. Lack of activity impacts health and can affect mobility. If your dad is resistant despite his doctor’s suggestions, is there anything you can do?


Caregiver in Silver Lake CA: Three Ways to Get Dad Up and Active

Caregiver in Silver Lake CA: Three Ways to Get Dad Up and Active


Bring in a Professional


He may not want to become active out of fear. Explain why it’s so important and see if you can find out what’s holding him back. If he’s afraid of falling or overexerting, it may help to have him work out with a physical trainer as he gets into shape. If he’s supervised by an expert, he may have a little more confidence.

If he’s fearful of going outside his home, talk to his doctor about physical therapy within the home. He may qualify to have someone help him build muscle strength and stamina in the comfort of his home.



Find Out What Excites Him


Look into what he loves to do. You’re trying to get him to take a daily walk, but he finds walking boring. You need to find something he enjoys.

Would he enjoy playing miniature golf? You could create a course in his backyard or take him out. He might find disc golf to be intriguing. It gives him a chance to walk around while also trying to get the disc into each basket goal on the course.

Bicycling, kayaking, yoga, and Tai Chi are other activities that older adults find enjoyable. If your dad is able and has a sense of adventure, you could take paddleboarding or snowshoeing lessons together.



Get the Family Involved


He may be more willing to be active if he’s not alone. If he has grandchildren nearby, see if he’d go orienteering with them. He might be willing to point out different types of flowers, birds, or trees on a nature trail.

You could all go hiking together on an easy trail. If he’s interested in old coins, metal detecting on his own or someone else’s land may appeal to him. Make sure your family has permission to metal detect on that land.

Do you live close enough to keep your dad on track? If not, have you thought about senior care services for him? Caregivers can check on him and make sure he’s content and doesn’t need groceries or prescription refills. They can walk with him and make sure he’s keeping up with exercise goals.

Senior care is easy to arrange. Make a call, discuss your dad’s needs, and set up services that meet his needs.


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