Blindness: Are you worried that your elderly loved one can’t see well?

Does it seem like they may even be going blind? If so, you may be in search of answers as to why they can’t see. There are many causes for blindness in senior citizens. Keep reading here to find out the main causes. Once you can find the cause of your elderly loved one’s sight issues or blindness, you will know how to better help them.


Home Health Care in Toluca Lake CA: Blindness

Home Health Care in Toluca Lake CA: Blindness



One of the most common causes of blindness in elderly people is cataracts. This is a condition where the person’s eyes seem cloudy and dense. Eye proteins have built up in the eyes and formed clumps. Over time, this obstructs vision. It may even lead to blindness. Sometimes, cataracts happen by themselves. However, in other cases, they may be caused by another health issue. If your elderly loved one has cataracts, their eye doctor may recommend surgery to get rid of them. If this happens, your elderly loved one may need home care services during their recovery, as many tasks will be too difficult for them.


Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Your elderly loved one may also be suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The macula is what helps people to see fine, tiny details. If your elderly loved one has this disease, their macula has started dying. They may lose their central vision. Your elderly loved one could have dry or wet macular degeneration. If they have wet macular degeneration, they will likely see a dark, large spot in the middle of their eye. If they have dry macular degeneration, they will often see smaller spots throughout their eyesight. There isn’t a cure for this disease. However, doctors can prescribe medications to help slow down the progression of it for your elderly loved one. You or home care providers may need to remind your loved ones to take their medications.


Diabetic Retinopathy

Another common cause of blindness in elderly people is diabetic retinopathy. If your elderly loved one has diabetes, they have a much higher risk of experiencing this disease. This disease happens when a person’s blood sugar levels aren’t controlled well. The higher blood sugar levels cause swelling in blood vessels throughout the eye. This can affect one’s vision. If your elderly loved one has diabetes, you and home care providers should help them manage it as best as you can. This can help to prevent this disease.


Blindness: Conclusion

These are some of the main causes of blindness in senior citizens. Now that you know about these conditions and diseases, you can help your elderly loved one to prevent them. If your elderly loved one already has one of these diseases, you or your home care providers can help them manage it or get treatment for it.


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