Activities for Senior Grandparents

Companion Care at Home in Burbank

Companion Care at Home in Burbank

Every senior with grandkids should focus on making as many memories as possible with those kids. It can be difficult, especially if a senior is less mobile or can’t get around without the help of companion care at home. However, a senior can do many activities with you, the family, and kids, but you might have to be creative when thinking of those things. It is crucial, of course, for all seniors to have a connection with others and socialize with the family in various ways. Here are a few activities you can let your senior mom or dad do with the grandkids.

Read Books Together
Choose a kid’s book that is easy to read, or a chapter book they will only read with you. If your kids are a bit older, they may enjoy a complex book. Every time they visit Grandma or Grandpa, they will read a chapter together. This gives the kids and seniors something to look forward to every week. Obviously, it’s a great way to share a senior’s favorite stories and more with the grandkids. This activity is so underrated regarding things to do with the grandkids.

Take a Look at Photo Albums
Some grandkids will enjoy seeing how a senior grew up or how they raised you. If your senior loved one has collected photos, this can be something you all sort through. Your kids may even want to keep some photos, and it could surprise you. Not to mention, this is a chance to collect some pictures of your senior loved one yourself.

Show Your Talent
If you have a few kids and it’s hard to keep them all entertained, it can be hard for your senior to keep up. Try hosting a talent show at your senior’s home, or inviting your senior over for the show. This is a time for you to take pictures of your kids, showing off their skills to your mom or dad. It will entertain both the senior and your kids! It’s a chance for your mom or dad to see what your kids are like and where they shine most.

Do a Scavenger Hunt in the House
To a child, a treasure hunt is surely a dream come true. There are many methods to carry out this exercise. Create hints that will lead them to a book, a toy, or some candy as a reward. You may do it in your personal or communal spaces if you or your senior live in an apartment.

Cook Together
If your senior is still pretty mobile and loves to cook, they can teach your kids this. Older kids may love learning about your seniors’ recipes. Moreover, they like learning to make them. This gives your kids something to take and pass down to the next generation. It’s how secret family recipes start, and it is a great way to spend the evening. Your child will learn useful skills. Particularly, it’s a chance to snap pictures to save forever.

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