Resilience is a form of internal strength that helps you handle difficult situations. You can’t change your situation as a family caregiver, but you do have the power to change how it affects you. A resilient caregiver is better equipped to handle frustration and stress without it impacting mental, physical, or emotional strength.


Homecare in West Hollywood CA: Be a Resilient Caregiver

Homecare in West Hollywood CA: Be a Resilient Caregiver


Expect the Unexpected

Don’t come up with set-in-stone ideas of how each day will go. A to-do list is a good way to stay on track, but it isn’t always going to work the way you plan. Your parent may wake up after a restless night and not want to cooperate.

While their argumentative behavior can seem unfair since you’re only trying to help, don’t take it personally. Instead, shift plans to accommodate their lack of sleep.

Instead of trying to fit in a full 30-minute workout, suggest you go window shop in an outdoor market.
You might need to drop plans for your parent to exercise and have a lazy day watching movies instead. You can make up the exercise on another day.


Learn How to Change Your Mood

Find ways to change your mood. If your parents are being demanding and driving you crazy, stop, take a deep breath, and change your mood. You may need to put on some music and dance some of your angst away. You might need to go to another room and count to 10 before returning to whatever was frustrating you.

If your mom has told you you’re not folding towels as she likes, don’t get mad. Take a few deep breaths and ask her to do it so that you can watch and learn. If you need to, have her fold all of the towels while you do something else. Don’t take her comments personally. Brush them off and move on.


Breaks Are Important

A resilient caregiver knows when to walk away and take a break. You can’t do everything. Work demands need to come first if you need the income. Your parents’ needs have to come second. They could have someone else helping them so that you can focus on your own priorities. Make sure they’re aware of your financial needs and that bills have to come first.

Look into respite care services or part-time caregivers with a local home care agency. Caregivers come and help out while you go on vacation, take a day off, or have a few hours to run errands or have time alone. Call a home care agency to make arrangements.


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