More and more older adults in the United States are living alone and have no close family. These people are often referred to as “solo seniors” or “elder orphans.” Though there’s nothing wrong with living alone and lots of seniors are perfectly happy to be on their own, it can pose a problem when elder orphans find themselves needing some help at home or get ill and are unable to manage on their own. The good news is that elder orphans aren’t truly alone. By contacting a senior care agency, older adults can hire professional senior care providers to come to their homes and assist them with just about anything they need, like the things described below.


Homecare in Pasadena CA: Importance of Senior Care

Homecare in Pasadena CA: Importance of Senior Care


Transportation for Errands and Social Events

Many seniors find themselves being unable to drive safely because of vision problems, health issues, or loss of mobility. That can mean having to stay at home and missing out on living an active lifestyle. It can also make it difficult to live at home because of an inability to do things like getting groceries or go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Senior care providers can offer transportation to places in the older adult’s community. Since older adults can schedule senior care at times that are useful to them, they can make certain a senior care provider is available when they need to get to a doctor’s appointment and for weekly shopping trips. In addition, senior care providers can drive older adults to social gatherings, such as lunches with friends or an event at their place of worship.


Household Chores

For older adults who have difficulty with the many jobs that need to be done around the house to continue living in a comfortable and safe environment, senior care can be just the thing they need to keep the house looking good as well as being sanitary and safe. A senior care provider can take care of weekly cleaning chores, like vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and more. Senior care providers can also do laundry, make beds, and take out the garbage.


Healthy Meals

Getting older can make cooking harder. Arthritic hands may be incapable of opening cans, lifting heavy pots, and cutting up ingredients. Senior care providers can take over cooking for elderly people to ensure they are able to continue eating balanced meals. The senior care provider can sit down with the older adult each week and plan meals they will enjoy. They can cook meals daily or prepare several ahead of time that can be frozen and reheated.


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