Getting dressed, showering, and other personal tasks like these may become difficult enough for your senior that she needs your help. When that does happen, you may need to have some ideas tucked away in your caregiver toolkit that help you both to get through this together.


Homecare in Century City CA: Personal Care Tasks


Keeping Your Senior Independent Is Important

Independence is probably part of what keeps your elderly family member running. She needs to know that you value her independence, too. Let her do what she can when she can. Be there to help her and try not to take over too much, too fast. Talk to your elderly family member about what she feels comfortable doing and what you can do to help her.


Do What You Can to Let Her Call the Shots

Part of helping her to be as independent as possible is for you to let your senior call the shots as much as you possibly can. This may not be easy for her to do. As her caregiver, you may feel like you know what she needs and when she should do certain things. But if you can step back and let your senior take the lead, that’s going to help her to turn things over to you when she truly has to.


Comfort Is One of the Biggest Concerns

Your big task is to keep your senior as comfortable as possible during bathing and other embarrassing personal care tasks. That means making sure the bathroom is warm before she gets undressed and that she feels safe in the room. Double-check any safety issues, such as installing or making sure that grab bars are secure. Take out any rugs that are likely to become slippery and assess any other possible safety concerns.


Is This Job for Someone Else?

You may come to a point when you and your senior are butting heads more than you expect. That might mean that it’s time for someone else, like home care providers, to step in and take over. Your senior may be concerned about this idea at first, but they can preserve her dignity while keeping her safe and comfortable. It’s worth considering the idea.

This isn’t easy for your senior, either. It really is tough to know that someone you love has to help you with the most personal of necessary tasks. Try to remember that and cut both of you some slack.

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