If you are a family caregiver for an elderly parent or loved one, you are probably feeling the stress that often accompanies such a designation.
The responsibilities of caring for an elderly parent can take a toll on caregivers, especially when complex health concerns or mobility issues play a role. It can also be difficult for some seniors to come to terms with the fact that their role has been reversed when they begin to require the help of their adult children. This can cause resentment and in some cases a struggle for independence which can lead to more stress for the caregivers.


Home Health Care in Pasadena CA: Caregiver Stress

Home Health Care in Pasadena CA: Caregiver Stress


Here are some helpful ways that family caregivers can help to relieve some of their stress:

1. Talk it Out

It’s important when you are feeling stressed to find healthy ways to talk about it. There are many group meetings, online forums, and even one on one therapy sessions that you may find helpful for talking about your life. If you aren’t comfortable talking to people that you don’t know, consider journaling. Many people find the practice of keeping a journal to be very cathartic and it doesn’t cost much to get started. Plus, you can journal almost anywhere you are.


2. Hire Help

One of the best ways to relieve the day-to-day stress that many family caregivers are feeling is to hire the professional services of a home care company. They will provide compassionate and trained caregivers who will come into your senior’s home and help them with daily tasks such as grooming, meal preparation, medication help, and other elder care tasks. You can be assured that they will treat your senior parent or loved one like family and take some of the responsibilities off of your plate so that you can take some time for yourself to relieve some of your stress.


3. Take a Break

If you are feeling overwhelmed and it’s possible, consider taking a small break to clear your mind and step away from the situation. If a friend or family member can step in for a few hours, or even a few days, plan a getaway so you can practice self-care or take a class for yoga, journal, or do whatever else helps you unwind and relieve your stress in a healthy way.


4. Get Enough Rest

It is also vital that you are getting enough sleep so that you can focus and handle the emotions that inevitably come along with being a caregiver for a family member. Talk to your doctor or medical professional if you are having difficulty falling or staying asleep, and take extra steps to ensure that your sleeping area is conducive to sleep. Many caregivers find themselves getting up early and then staying up late to be able to get all of the things that they need to do finished for the day which can eventually catch up to them and cause health issues.


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