Your senior’s mental health is an important aspect of her overall health and it’s one that neither of you can really afford to overlook for long. When you pay attention to some of these details, you can spot issues before they become a bigger problem for your elderly family member. 


Home Care in Silver Lake CA: Your Senior’s Mental Healt

Home Care in Silver Lake CA: Your Senior’s Mental Health


Her Moods Are Off

Occasional moodiness is one thing, but if your senior is consistently having trouble regulating her moods or even understanding them herself, that could be a problem. Some moodiness can be a result of either a health condition or even a medication that’s treating a health condition. Getting to the root of the situation can help your senior to find a solution that actually works for her. 


She Doesn’t Seem to Be Socializing

In the past, your elderly family member might have had a much different social life than she has now. Friends and family members can move away, which may leave your senior feeling at loose ends when it comes to spending time with people. She may also feel less like being around a lot of other people, which can contribute to feelings of loneliness if she’s not getting social interactions in other ways.


She’s Making Decisions That Are Confusing for You

Your elderly family member isn’t always going to make the same decisions you would or even make decisions that you completely understand. But if you’re finding that the vast majority of the decisions your senior is making are ones that confuse you, her thought processes might not be functioning the way that they did in the past. That could point to cognitive changes or other mental health concerns.


She’s Having Trouble Concentrating or Completing Simple Tasks

As your elderly family member ages, she may find some things more difficult, like completing simple tasks that she’s handled just fine a million other times. That can be frustrating for her or even cause her to lash out in anger. She may also have more trouble concentrating. These situations can arise for a variety of reasons, so it makes sense to talk to her doctor about what she’s experiencing to rule out medical causes.

These situations may not mean that there’s necessarily anything going wrong for your elderly family member right now. But they could also mean that she needs some extra help. Senior care providers can help you to determine what your elderly family member needs the most and do what they’re able to do to alleviate those concerns for her.


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