It’s that time of year again when the temperatures begin to drop and the mornings and evenings require a sweater or even a coat to stay warm. It’s also the end of daylight savings time, and although this time of year means that most of us will gain an hour, there are still some people, including those receiving their senior care at home, who will be resistant to the change in routine.


Home Care in Burbank CA: Senior Time Change Tips

Home Care in Burbank CA: Senior Time Change Tips


If your senior is showing signs that they are struggling with the time change, there are some ways that you can help them adjust at home.


Keep them busy

Seniors that are sitting around the home for most of their days can feel more isolated, and it also gives them more time to think about their schedules and focus on change. Consider getting them out of the house during the daytime by signing them up for groups or classes for things that interest them, such as book club, knitting, dance class, or volunteer work.


Let the light in

As it starts to get darker earlier and earlier, it can feel depressing to some people who are more sensitive to the change in time and temperature. Make sure that during the morning and afternoon hours your senior is getting plenty of sunshine, by opening up the curtains and allowing the sun’s warm rays to brighten their home and lift their mood.


Adjust their schedule

In preparation for the time change, it is a good idea to begin easing them into the new time by moving their bedtime up in 15-minute increments, starting a few days prior to the time change. This will make it easier for them as sometimes people will struggle to fall asleep after the end of daylight savings time.


Get physical

Exercise is important for everyone, especially seniors who are living at home and receiving their senior care there. Making sure that your senior parent or loved one gets daily physical activity is going to keep them feeling healthy and also help to tire them out which may also help with falling asleep.


Talk it out

Listen to your senior if they want to talk about their feelings with regard to the time changing. Seasonal Affective Disorder, referred to as SAD, is a form of depression that affects some people a few times a year with the change of the seasons. If you suspect that your senior is showing signs of depression, please talk to their health care professional as soon as possible to rule out depression and talk about any other treatments that may be recommended to help.


Some people don’t seem to be too bothered by the time change, while others take some time to adjust. By implementing these tips and strategies, hopefully, your senior will be happy, healthy, and comfortable as they end the daylight savings time and approach the new year!


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