You’ve helped your mom and dad clear their clutter. That part is done, but they would like to try to make some money selling their gently used items. How do you get the maximum amount?


Home Health Care in Burbank CA: Garage Sale Tips

Home Health Care in Burbank CA: Garage Sale Tips


Remember that People Like Bargains

People go to garage sales looking for bargains. You don’t want to price things so high that shoppers lose interest, but you don’t want to price too low. If you go very low, there is that chance that someone would have paid more money.

Look online for similar items. See what the person selling it has it listed for and see how long it takes them to sell it. If it doesn’t sell or takes longer than expected, the price could be too high. It could also mean that people just are not that interested in that type of item.

A general rule is that furniture should sell for about 33 percent of what it would cost buying a similar item from a furniture store. Clothes that are not stained or torn can sell for up to $5 usually. Dishes are more likely to sell in the $1 to $3 range. Inexpensive jewelry shouldn’t be more than $5. If it’s real jewelry, art, or an antique, get a price from a jeweler/antique dealer first.


Try to Match the Season

If you’re trying to sell winter boots in the middle of the summer, you may not have as many takers. Waiting until the boots are high in demand will help you sell it. Try to sell items when they’re in the highest demand, and you’ll get a better price.


Be Prepared to Haggle

Don’t take the buyer’s lowest offer. If they offer you $10 on a $20 item, meet them at $15. If they still balk, don’t cave. If they really want the item and it’s priced fairly, they’ll take it at the higher price. If there are items you insist get sold for the price you’ve given, put the word “firm” on the price tag.

Once your parents’ home is clean and organized, hire home care aides to help keep it that way. With regular weekly visits, your parents’ home won’t get cluttered again. If it starts to, you have a caregiver giving you reports.


Home care services help with cleaning, but that’s not all that your parents will gain in benefits. They also gain friendship during routine visits. Call now to arrange home care visits.


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