Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you might be fresh out of ideas about what to get your aging parent as a small token of your love for her.

It can be hard to find the perfect little reminder of how much you care for your parent. Maybe she’s got everything she needs or maybe after getting her small gifts for scores of years, you’re just fresh out of ideas.


Elderly Care in Silver Lake CA: Valentine's Day Gifts

Elderly Care in Silver Lake CA: Valentine’s Day Gifts


The following gift ideas should all run for under $20 and some will be completely free, but all will let your aging parent know how much you care for and appreciate her.

  • Order dessert from her favorite restaurant. Sure, you can get the whole meal but if you want just a little something special, order a slice of her favorite cheesecake or pie of her favorite pie to celebrate how sweet you think she is.
  • Buy her a fun, new kitchen gadget. Maybe it’s a great time to get a cutting board in the shape of the state she lives in (or was born in). Or you can get her something to help her in the kitchen like an automatic can opener or a mandolin for slicing up fresh fruits and vegetables. Let her know you support her efforts to eat healthily and you want to recognize that with a kitchen gift.
  • Buy her a new book. If you know what your parent loves to read, get her the next book in the series or find her a new book on her favorite topic. She can spend hours enjoying herself with a good book.
  • Pamper her in comfort items. It could be a new pair of fuzzy socks or a thick blanket to snuggle under while reading her new book. Some of these items can even be personalized with photos of her loved ones so that she’ll feel surrounded by her love ones even when she’s home alone snuggled in on a cold night.
  • Pay for her to take an online class. If your parent is comfortable with using her computer, sign her up for a community online course. A zoom class on writing your own book or learning to paint with watercolors, will not only provide her with a new hobby, but she might also create some new friends that she can meet up with once the world is back to its healthy self.
  • Brighten her day with flowers or plants. While many parts of the country are buried under snow and ice, make sure your parent’s home is full of green and color. A bouquet of flowers can bring momentary life to her kitchen or living area, but a plant can bring years of green and freshness to her home. Depending on your parent’s green thumb abilities, pick the perfect plant for her.
  • Pamper her with a massage or painting her nails. While you can’t go out for most of these types of activities right now, why not do it yourself? Pick up your parent’s favorite nail polish and help her create beautiful nails for showing off. Or if painting nails is not her thing, offer to give her a shoulder massage or even a foot massage.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to step away from the normal tasks of being a caregiver and spend time pampering your parent with your time and a special gift.


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