Macular degeneration occurs when the center of the retina starts to deteriorate. That section known as the macula controls your central vision, which is key to being able to drive, recognize objects and people, and identify colors.


Elder Care in San Marino CA: Macular Degeneration

Elder Care in San Marino CA: Macular Degeneration


There is no cure for macular degeneration. It comes in two forms that affect more than 10 million men and women in the U.S. “Dry” and “wet” are the common forms of the eye disease. “Dry” occurs when deposits build up under the macula, which causes it to dry out and become thinner. “Wet” occurs when blood vessels form under the macula and rupture, which causes the macula to bulge.


Slowing the progression of macular degeneration is important. To do so, your mom or dad needs to stop smoking, change his/her diet, get more exercise, and wear sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. Home care services are also an important part of a care plan when macula degeneration is diagnosed. There are four ways it helps.



As the vision diminishes, it’s harder for your mom or dad to clean the home. Someone needs to do the dishes to make sure they’re clean of all food particles and grease. Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and sterilizing counters are all daily or weekly chores that need to be done properly, which is hard when macular degeneration impacts vision.



Cooking is impossible when there’s no central vision. Caregivers can pick up groceries, help your mom or dad with a shopping list, inventory kitchen supplies, and prepare meals. They can help feed your parent, clear the table, and do the dishes.


Personal Care

When you cannot see, you can’t shave your face, armpits, or legs. You can’t brush and floss your teeth properly. You need help getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Caregivers help with all aspects of hygiene, toileting, grooming, and personal care.



With macular degeneration, central vision diminishes. Your mom or dad cannot drive. People need to be available for trips to the store, medical and dental appointments, friends’ homes, and senior centers. If your mom or dad wants to go on a scenic drive, someone needs to be available.

Leaving work isn’t ideal. Not every trip can be held off to the weekend. Caregivers are there to drive your mom or dad around as needed. It eases stress you experience when you’re trying to fit another trip into your already busy week. Make the arrangements by calling a home care agency.


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