As a family caregiver, coronavirus has to be on your mind. People can have the virus and not have any symptoms. Also, symptoms can vary from one person to the next. If you’re around them, you could contract the virus. If you bring it to your parents’ home, you put them at risk.


Elder Care in Culver City CA: Coronavirus Safety

Elder Care in Culver City CA: Coronavirus Safety


How do you stay safe when you’re a family caregiver? If you come and go from their house and your house, what are the best ways to lower the risk of contracting the virus?


Limit Your Exposure to Others

If you work outside the home, you need to consider your work environment. Are you crowded into an office space with others? Do you work with the public all day? If you can work from home, you should. If you have to go to work, stay at least six feet from others if possible and do not shake hands or hug any of your clientele.

When you’re out for walks or running errands, keep a six-foot perimeter between yourself and others. After touching things others would touch, use a hand sanitizer or go wash your hands. Wear a mask if it’s recommended or required in your area. Different states have different guidelines. Be sure you know the rules if you go out.


Wash Your Hands Regularly

You need to wash your hands with soap. Scrub under your nails, between your fingers, and up to your wrist for a full 20 seconds before rinsing your hands. Set a timer if you need to. Otherwise, slowly count to 20 while you create the lather and scrub. You need to ensure you’ve spent enough time washing them before rinsing the soap away.


Do Curbside as Much as Possible

When you have the option, get curbside groceries and supplies. You order what you need online. You may need to pay online, too. You go to the designated spot at the store or restaurant and let them know you’re there. They’ll bring your items out to your vehicle.


Stay Home if You May Have Been Exposed

Home care not only gives your parents the help they need, but it also gives you peace of mind. You may learn that someone at your work has coronavirus. If that’s the case, you have to stay home.

If there’s a chance you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or tests show you have the virus, you must take care of yourself and stop the spread. Don’t worry about your mom and dad. Arrange home care service and let caregivers help with meals, errands, housekeeping, and laundry.


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